Security and Compliance

According to a recent study from Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, data breaches overwhelmingly occur at small businesses: a staggering 43% of the time.

→ Data Breach Investigations Report (verizon)

Small businesses typically don’t invest enough in cybersecurity, and hackers know this. So the vulnerability makes these companies a target.

The days of hoping to go unnoticed when it comes to cybersecurity are over. Any company that stores and maintains data is a potential target and cannot afford to get by with minimal security measures that no longer work against constantly evolving threats.

SET’s End Point Detection and Response (EDR) and integrated antivirus solutions allow us to actively monitor, manage, and update client devices, ensuring that your business is protected and secure.

Managed antivirus includes:
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Signature updates

Realtime Status & Threat Alerts

Scheduled scans

Software updates

Removal of malware/virus infection is included

Remediation of issues preventing the installation or performance of managed antivirus

EDR with Rollback features

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Many companies now have very specific compliance standards, SET can help you achieve and maintain those standards.

Small Enterprise Technology can bring your organization’s security to the higher standards that most large corporations are held to and require. Our proprietary policies and a proactive approach to working with clients provides you with peace of mind that your business is secure and prepared.

Managed security includes:

24/7 Network Security Monitoring

Vulnerability Assessments

Compliance Management

Asset Auditing

Active Threat Mitigation

Regular management reports

We offer regular management reports on current status, changes, and potential discrepancies. On a quarterly basis or upon request, the following reports can be provided to the business owner or a primary contact:

Executive Summary Reporting

Hardware Asset Reporting

Traffic Usage Reporting

Firewall Incident Reporting