Tulsa Businesses Impacted by Ransomware Attack

As many residents of Tulsa search for the perfect last-minute gift, they may encounter a new problem – being able to pay for it. Over the final weekend before Christmas, a popular payroll and HR service that manages several local accounts was hit by a ransomware attack. With impacts expected to last for weeks, many Tulsa businesses are scrambling to find new ways to ensure their employees get paid.

The target of the recent ransomware attack was Kronos Private Cloud, a workforce management service developed by the Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG). While the affected business is based in Lowell, Massachusetts, several local employers have felt the aftereffects, including Ascension St. John. However, they aren’t alone. Many other prominent businesses that operate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, like Tesla, Whole Foods, and the YMCA, are also struggling to complete payroll.

According to a UKG, their teams are working to restore any affected services. Understandably, the severity of the ransomware attack has led the company to mobilize any available resources that they have. Bob Hughes, an executive at UKG, expressed that the problem may have lasting effects for the next couple of weeks and encouraged clients to utilize other workforce management alternatives while their cloud services are down.

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How Was the Ransomware Attack Completed?

While investigations are still in the preliminary stages, UKG is working with several cybersecurity experts to determine if the ransomware attack was completed by leveraging vulnerabilities found within Log4j. This software is often used with Java; however, a flaw in Log4j can give hackers remote access to overtake a device or system using the software. Once access is obtained, hackers can steal private data and install crypto miners.

Although UKG was aware of this vulnerability, they explained that they had implemented preventative controls to detect any exploit attempts within the system. Many cybersecurity experts are now warning other Java users that the effects of the Log4j flaw could lead to more ransomware attacks in the coming days and weeks. Java is one of the most widely used programming languages worldwide, making the risk incredibly high now that a baseline for attacks has been determined and proven effective – if this vulnerability was indeed leveraged.

Protecting Your Business from Ransomware Attacks

While this is just one more example of a largescale enterprise being the target of a successful ransomware attack, the truth is that any business could be the next target without the proper cybersecurity plan in place. Small businesses are often easy targets simply because they don’t invest enough in new technologies. Hackers know this, and these companies are commonly targeted – even if they don’t receive widespread news coverage.

Any company storing or maintaining sensitive data has to ensure that they exceed minimal cybersecurity standards to combat evolving threats. SET’s End Point Detection and Response (EDR) and integrated antivirus solutions allow us to actively monitor, manage, and update client devices, ensuring that your business is protected and secure. Although we can’t control what happens with your chosen software partners, we can help mitigate risks that would impact these businesses internally.

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How Can Small Enterprise Technology Help?

Learning the skill required to protect your data and training all staff successfully can be time-consuming and overwhelming for any company. Fortunately, Small Enterprise Technology is staffed with qualified business and technology professionals who focus on implementing and supporting every aspect of your company’s information technology requirements. To learn more about how Small Enterprise Technology can help your business stay protected from data leakages and loss, call or contact us today to get started!